Countertops in Halifax, NS


Bring beauty and practical durability into your design.
Arborite laminate countertop in Halifax, NS


A cost efficient way to bring the perfect design to your countertop space.
Arborite Cabinet Doors in Hslifax, NS

Cabinet Doors

Enhance your design with practical and inspirational elements.
Kitchen Hardware in Halifax, NS

Kitchen Hardware

Finishing touches for every style and budget.
Silicone for Countertop Adhesive in Halifax, NS

Adhesives & Silicones

Specifically formulated for unparalleled bonding performance.
Max Countertop Tools in Halifax, NS

Tools & Accessories

Max Professional Grade tools, as well as a full line of staples, brads, and screws.
Blanco Kitchen Sinks in Halifax, NS

Sinks & Faucets

Add functionality and durability with clean, modern designs.

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