Tough, beautiful, and stain-resistant.

Solid Surface countertop can be the perfect choice for a new kitchen or bath. It is a man-made material, formed with a combination of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. Durable and wear-resistant, a solid surface counter is also soft and warm to the touch, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Since solid surface is completely non-porous, it provides a hygienic work surface and will not promote the growth of bacteria, making it perfect for a bar top, worktable, bathroom vanity, or kitchen countertop. This countertop is tough: water resistant, wear resistant, and fire resistant, this surface is often used in commercial designs such as retail, food service, or healthcare applications.

Solid surface countertops can also be repaired or even re-finished in time for a long-lasting, low maintenance design. Inconspicuous waterproof seams and a stain resistant surface make a solid surface easy to keep clean, with no day-to-day maintenance required.